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Whenever a movement takes root, an ecosystem jumps up that attempts to productize and commoditize it. We're seeing the same thing with DevOps, which is being sold as CICD, ignoring the cultural bits that make CICD effective (in fact, if you do the cultural bits, you'll probably end up recognizing the need for CICD at some point, regardless of whether you included it initially).

Peeling back the layers, a lot of these philosophies include principles that have been found in high-performing organizations for decades:

1. Transparency

2. Seeking input from all levels of the org chart

3. Involving stakeholders early and often

4. Constructing incentives around desired metrics

5. Fast feedback

6. Rapid iteration

7. Reproducible processes

8. Constant, systemized reassessment

That last one is where "Agile" has lost its meaning: Hiring certified ScrumMasters® doesn't make you agile. Scrum and the like can be useful frameworks, but if you don't absorb the above principles into the core of your organization (including outside of the IS department!), you'll end up with AgileScrumFall at best.

The same happened with OOP and design patterns. It will happen with FP too. As soon as something works and is useful, "gurus" and consultants appear who make it digestible to mediocre devs and upper management but in reality they are just caricatures of the original intent.

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