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Vultr is half the price of DO and has even more regions.

You can actually get even cheaper.

Check out https://git.io/vps, where I made a comparative listing of different providers.

This is actually a pretty good list. The VPS hosting industry is actually one of the most awful, bottom-feeding industries that exist. I've been buying VPS from many different providers for fifteen years or something, and the one thing I learned is that the vast majority of VPS providers are scumbag thieves and fly-by-night scammers. I'd also include Ramnode on this list of good VPS providers, but otherwise I'd stay far away from any provider not listed here.

I wanted to add Ramnode, but didn’t have the time (work, open source projects) to do that yet. Thanks for reminding me!

See also: https://github.com/joedicastro/vps-comparison comparing "≤5$" VPS options.

+1 this is great. Thank you!

And looks like there's a docker-machine api for Vultr as well [1]. Thanks again for this!

[1] https://github.com/janeczku/docker-machine-vultr

And Vultr gives you BGP Anycast :)

Even better! Writing deployment scripts for that. Thanks for the tip!

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