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wasn't knocking it, personally I think that the M and the AMG models are some of the best options if you like to be low key.

Just debadge them, and 99% of people won't know that you have the high end version.

Audi S line is kinda good too, but they really dropped the ball this generation. The S4/S5 are barely making enough power to compete with the 335i. The upcoming RS5 should fix that, but Audi is probably going to charge so much for those, that the $60K M3 will look like a bargain by comparison.

Dude, the S line hasn't been meant to compete with M/AMG models for the last couple iterations. The S4 is a direct competitor to the 335i and is marketed as such and is priced much lower than either the C63 or the M3. The RS line of cars are the ones designed to directly compete with AMG/M.

I thought they weren't shipping the RS now...

Yeah, though the M has all kinds of adornments that make it distinguishable (and, IMO, ugly.)

The S4 and new S5 are v6, which means they probably aren't as painful on the mileage. This is the biggest reason not to get an M.

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