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> First, the idea of running a distributed ledger to keep track of burger points. This is the tech equivalent of using a bazooka to address an ant problem.

They aren't running it. They are using the Waves platform, which has very easy 1-click asset creation. Waves is also Proof of Stake, so there's no mining involved.

This gives the transparency benefits and distribution benefits, without any of the overhead.

Regarding distribution, waves platform has a culture of airdrops in it.

I find Waves fun. Between leasing, the decentralized exchanges, the airdrops, the dividends, and finding out about the assets that got airdropped or dividended to you, I find myself in the app quite often unintentionally. The airdropped assets are mostly worthless, but the descriptions of the assets are interesting. I would say the fun aspect is different than other cryptocurrencies. Its like finding random stuff in Skyrim, keeps me coming back.

For reference, I buy Waves and purchase Waves Community Tokens (WCT) on the decentralized exchange. Most airdrops go to WCT holders, they just take a record of the blockchain and send to all address with WCT balances.

I lease my remaining Waves to the pools FountainPerpetua and WavesGo. There are plenty of other pools to lease to.

Pools give payments in the form of Waves, because thats what they earn, but they also have the option of giving payments in other assets too, they just need to remain competitive.

So I typically earn Waves, Waves Community Tokens and Miners Rewards tokens.

The WavesGo pool gives WavesGo tokens which are actual shares and actual securities.

WavesGo pools distributes more of its own earnings to all WavesGo holders. You can buy and sell more WavesGo shares on the decentralized exchange.

Thanks for this comment -- it was very high quality and led me to spend 2 hours reading about this stuff. It looks pretty cool and I'm going to give it a shot. Reading about the fountains and several other community aspects really does make this seem unique and fun

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