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Thanks Patrick, I'm sure it was one of your blog posts that put me on to KISSmetrics so I'm interested/glad to hear that you're going to stick with them. Perhaps you'd do a review in 6 months time to see if their pricing plans vs the effect to your conversion ratios really has balanced out? (I'm not being snide, I'd be genuinely interested how it works out)

I agree with how market positioning is so important to a startup, and yeah I kinda respect KISSmetrics for having the guts to do this. My anger really came because I felt they'd cut off the bottom of the ladder where those of us who can't justify $150/month on analytics where standing. And this was a surprise because nothing until the pricing announcement indicated that this was the direction they were going to take.

Feel free to ask me about that in six months. I'm always grateful for blog post topics.

It is intrinsically hard to attribute improvements in conversion rate to a single cause, except in an A/B test. It will be sensitive to changes in the traffic mix, seasonality, strategic decisions, etc etc.

I'd love to read a blog post about bingo cards' seasonality. For real.

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