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Poll: What OS do you use?
16 points by lukeqsee on July 13, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments
What operating system do you use on a day in, day out basis?

I want to know your optimal environment, as most of us use at least two OSes weekly or daily.

I'm going to stick to just one option for Linux; feel free to elaborate on distro/wm/environment in the comments.

(FYI: It's been a year+ since there the last poll of this nature and traffic has doubled since then, so I think it's allowable :-) )

122 points
Mac OS X
98 points
72 points
Emacs :)
13 points
6 points

I used to use FreeBSD and switched later to Mac OS X (never really liked it though), which made me quite lazy. After my macbook pro gronked out, I switched back to Windows out of convenience. Besides I wanted to play some games again and had a few applications that would have required emulation, so I swallowed the (once) bitter pill and installed Windows again and I have yet to regret it. Been using Windows 7 x64 from the beginning (MSDNA) and I haven't had any problems. So, this is me, using windows 7.

My sister has Win 7 on her laptop so I get to use it many a times. The difference is when she had windows vista I used it to solve her problems and now I use it when I don't want to boot up my own desktop. I am beginning to think win 7 is the best OS by MS after WinXP SP1. It boots up fairly fast, it does not crash much, never hangs. The only problem is not every game and software is compatible with it.

Web surfing/media computer is ubuntu lts

My wife's dell laptop is Vista because it breaks when I touch it.

My shop computer is XP because I run expensive proprietary software on it.

My netbook is also xp for the same reasons.

I use Windows XP at work. At home, I have Windows 7 on my desktop computer (a Dell Dimension e520n) and Ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook (Lenovo IdeaPad S10).

Firefox is my browser on all three.

I purchased a copy of Windows 7 and set it up on my Macbook Pro specifically to play Starcraft 2. Since it's the default boot option, I now use it quite a bit.

I'm using Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux -- whichever is the best choice given the hardware and legal constraints.

Ubuntu/gnome on both a desktop and my macbook, with mac OSX as second option for some occasions (games, skyping)

Did you know you can get skype on Ubuntu/linux?

Yes, but the webcam doesn't work half the time under Ubuntu, which is what I primarily use skype for.

I use Archlinux with Gnome/Openbox. (tint2 for panel, gRun for launcher, and Google Chrome dev for browser.)

OpenBSD/sparc64 on headless servers. Mmmmm serial console, I love me some good serial console.

Serial consoles... Bah! Get me a 3279.

Actually, I would really like a 3290.

Windows for most of my coding/work, Mac for personal projects and evening socializing.

I use Gentoo and OS X for my desktops and laptops and Solaris x86 for my servers.

Archlinux with AwesomeWM or Xmonad, urxvt, chrome browser or uzbl for browsing.

I loved Arch on my netbook until an update destroyed my system and I got frustrated and installed Ubuntu. Looking forward to going back to Arch one day...

OS X mainly, but Ubuntu and Win7 for testing stuff, looking at GUI.

since i bought my first macbook pro 4 years ago i never looked back :) macosx is my favourite os.

Slack and xmonad/dwm


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