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On the repo owner's Pixelmator line: > probably the best image editor out there on Mac, is packed with very powerful features and is very simple in its UI

I feel like that's quickly being overtaken by Affinity Photo[0]. One time fee, though you have to pay twice if you want a license on Windows and MacOS, but it's a closer approximation of Photoshop so you won't have to change too much muscle memory. It has better non-destructive layer editing as well. I found it crazy hard to do a layer style like desaturating a layer without "baking" it in.

[0] - https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/

Been using Photoshop and Pixelmator, Affinity Photo definitely is the in my books the best image editor currently. Love that most of the things in Affinity a real time, so you see changes immediately for all the effects etc.

It's still under work of course, and hasn't reached the kind of UI maturity that Photoshop has, but it's getting there, and you can't beat their price either.

Also, Affinity Designer is a great Illustrator stand-in, even though it doesn't nearly have feature parity.

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