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I'm not sure yet -- still using the non-subscription/non-Cloud 1password. I probably have it easier than most, as I don't like the browser plugins and 1password-mini, and I just use 1password as a store for passwords -- I open it, search, and paste when I need to.

So I can just go to using an encrypted DMG + plain text if push comes to shove.

I used Wallet by Acrylic before 1password, so I might return to that.

Look into KeePass, it's better than an encrypted DMG :). There's a Mac implementation called MacPass which is really well-designed and easy to use.

I've been using KeePass on Mac with an app called KeePassX for nearly a decade. The user experience is not as slick as an app like iPassword, but it is free and secure.

I personally use pass[0], which keeps passwords in GPG-encrypted text files. Copying a password to my clipboard looks like this, for example:

pass -c web/bank

...or if you also use Alfred, there's a workflow for it.

[0] https://www.passwordstore.org/

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