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>moved to it from Textexpander as I am not fond of subscription models for software (...) 1Password my password manager of choice

I have bad news for you...

(Switching over to something else myself)

It's fun because directly above the Textexpander comment is Day One, and directly below it are 1Password and Ulysses (all 4 apps have almost same subscription model).

You can still use 1Password without a subscription via 3rd party cloud provider (e.g. Dropbox).

AgileBits has dark patterns all over on its website that people wouldn't even know about this by default unless they searched or someone else told them. As a business, AgileBits has appeared as shady as some other unpopular names, IMO.

From here [1] in case anyone is wondering. There is an option for "local" vaults in the advanced settings.

[1] https://agilebits.com/store

For how long? The writing is in the wall. Will next version support it, after it has given "ample time" to move to the subscription model? This version is already under a time-delay popup.

Same bad news for DayOne too!

what have you switch to?

I'm not sure yet -- still using the non-subscription/non-Cloud 1password. I probably have it easier than most, as I don't like the browser plugins and 1password-mini, and I just use 1password as a store for passwords -- I open it, search, and paste when I need to.

So I can just go to using an encrypted DMG + plain text if push comes to shove.

I used Wallet by Acrylic before 1password, so I might return to that.

Look into KeePass, it's better than an encrypted DMG :). There's a Mac implementation called MacPass which is really well-designed and easy to use.

I've been using KeePass on Mac with an app called KeePassX for nearly a decade. The user experience is not as slick as an app like iPassword, but it is free and secure.

I personally use pass[0], which keeps passwords in GPG-encrypted text files. Copying a password to my clipboard looks like this, for example:

pass -c web/bank

...or if you also use Alfred, there's a workflow for it.

[0] https://www.passwordstore.org/

If you're purely Apple then the build in Keychain and iCloud Keychain for syncing across devices is fine.

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