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OK, what? First, you're right -- most distributions aren't Gaussian and there's no reason to assume that "average" == "median." However, in the same sense, a generous interpretation of the author's article would suggest that he meant median and was simply wrong in his terminology.

Now, on to you being a jackass.

First, don't run Firefox on XP SP 3. XP is very old and has several issues which make it a poor choice in 2010. This coming from someone who currently works at Microsoft. Oh and in case you didn't realize it, Mozilla ended support for Firefox 3.0.19 in March. Second, since you have found the time to complain about a technical issue on an unsupported browser on a 9 year old operating system, you are clearly a moron. Oh, and to give me tips on how bad at programming we are? That's hilarious. Now, I'm not claiming I'm fantastic, or even one of the top programmers on HN, but I'm certainly more competent than a twit that can't figure out the Firefox update manager.

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