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I started with that one - I liked Isaacson's writing when I read his Steve Jobs biography, so I decided to read his Franklin bio as well. I very much enjoyed it. Afterward, I read this one:


I think this one is probably where I read about his time with Hume. I don't find H.W. Brands' writing to be quite as smooth to read as Isaacson's, but I remember him covering parts of Franklin's life in greater detail. His bio of Ulysses Grant was a great read, too:


Have you ever read Ron Chernow bios? I've read Titan (Rockefeller):


and Alexander Hamilton:


Both incredible.

I admit I've never been terribly interested in Grant, maybe I should give him a look. Tough when there's an infinite abundance of great literature. We're truly spoiled.

I haven't, but I'll definitely check those out. Thanks for the suggestions!

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