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My personal view: when they stop killing palestinians I'll stop comparing them to people in the pastw who killed people of a certain race.

My view on bias ignoring my personal view: "I didn't say being anti-X indicates bias for all X" - just being anti-Israeli indicates a bias against Israel? Seems you're being biased against the coverage because you're pro-Israel to me...

So now you're comparing Jews with Nazis more and saying they both did/do racial genocide. Why don't you take your anti-semitisim to Kos or DU? There's plenty of appropriate websites for you.

1.) Where did I accuse Israel of Genocide? 2.) I said Israel kills palestinians. Feel free to argue with me that it's a war so it's fair, or that it's neccesary. Don't tell me I wasn't truthfully saying what does happen, unless the entire world's press, and the Israeli goverment, have all lied about the fact that Israeli soldiers DO kill palestinians.

Do you really view Israel as the only one in the wrong in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

No of course not (I do however think they're vastly more in the wrong in general)

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