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Knowledge doesn't allow anyone to out-think anyone. Who has more domain knowledge in mobile 3 years ago-- Motorola or Apple? Most of the successful founders I can think of didn't know much about their space before they jumped into it.

good point, but then I could counter-argue that Apple had more domain knowledge in the area of building and marketing consumer electronics that people love :)

depends where you see the domain as being.

Bah, that's not a domain-- but I agree with you. The best "domain" is being awesome and making stuff that people absolutely love. That often trumps domain knowledge, funding, etc.

Might be challenging selling that idea to investors, though! :-)

In fact, deep knowledge can often be an encumbrance if it reinforces assumptions that may not be exclusively true or prevents you from visualizing viable alternatives.

"Knowledge doesn't allow anyone to out-think anyone."

Tell that to the pilots in the Gulf War who few F-117s over Baghdad with the sky lit with flak and without any plane getting even a scratch. Then tell this to the people where the bombs fell or the people shooting the flak. Tell this to the Japanese military in 1945.

Can there be any such examples in information technology entrepreneurship now? Hmm ....

This is much more a case of budget advantage than knowledge advantage.

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