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We're hoping to have stylo in 57, and I would expect it to be on android in the next release (58), but no promises.

Basically we intend for it to work eventually on android, but it didn't get prioritized.

I can turn on `layout.css.servo.enabled`, on Firefox 55 Android (and Desktop). What does it mean? If I understand correctly, Firefox will have this property turned on by default in 57/58 but it's possible to have it early?

No, it won't do anything on 55. Or on 56/57 Android.

Stylo can be disabled at build time, and this was the case for 55 and is still the case for android. We don't remove the associated prefs in that case (about:config doesn't have UX because it's not exactly user facing).

You can go to about:support to see if stylo is actually enabled. There's a "stylo" column. It's not there in 55, but no 55 release has stylo enabled at build time; so if you don't have that column at all, stylo isn't there.

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