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Four-hour working day have many more benefits in modern days, if all companys become four-hour working day, it not just for work efficiency:

First it can give more equality to workers or say human self, let them spend more life time for themself, for family, rather than more work time for companys;

Second it can slow down the whole world entropy, something like in this book: Entropy: A New World View[1]


How long until enterprising folks decide to work two "four-hour" jobs to get ahead?

I predict less than one then-full working day.

Oh noes! But wait, people already hold multiple jobs.

Wouldn't it be nice if holding two full-time jobs meant 40hrs/wk? Then, that irritating feeling instilled by a typical work week, that our salary is ultimately meaningless beyond a certain point and surely isn't worth the slight but never-ceasing pain and suffering inflicted in a banal-yet-reliable way by the entire corporate hegemony (not with malicious ends but merely out of a desire to ensure the 2% year-over-year train never derails), not to mention the expression that one's spouse wears to cope with the reality that, by working your drone-bee life through its paces and building your career, you've stopped being the sexy intelligent beautiful person that they fell in love with and become an inhuman ghost whose presence at home is welcomed and tolerated only in exchange for ensuring that your childrens' college fund will be well-stocked when they turn 19 and decide to go live a five-year decadence party on your hard-earned pennies, an expression which is no longer full of love but only imitating it shallowly, could be sorrow-drowned not in intoxicants and prostitutes but in the knowledge that you are bringing home sufficient double-income bacon to ensure spousal endearment and the best Greek houses for your kids.

I dunno. I think it might be nice.

Add in the fact that with that extra time, I have time to spend that money I earn.

Right now I barely have time to use Google express or Amazon, with an occasional trip to TJs. Forget about department stores.

More free time for me would = more money spent on leisure activities.

As someone with 99% free time I can not agree. I only did that when the free time was just inbetween jobs and I felt I need to treat myself for doing so much work.

Since I don't I enjoy the little things again and actually spend way less money

How do you manage to have that much free time?

I create things when I want to and sometimes they sell. I own(Ed) a few content websites and a rather well working SaaS

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