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I love The Economist. It's the only magazine I subscribe to.

I think British culture is close enough to US culture to do a great job capturing the subtleties of American politics; at the same time they remain less biased since, for the most part, they don't have a horse in the race.

BTW: I also find that while they do try to remain unbiased, NPR slants a little more to the left than the right,

The Economist isn't even close to unbiased. It has a very clear view and interpretation of the world.

I think there's a big confusion in a lot of this discussion between bias and general rationality. The Economist has a much more rational, well-thought-out point of view than most American newspapers and periodicals, but it's also a very ideological one, and while reading it one should be trying to consider ways that the facts presented could lead to different conclusions which the editors would not be promoting.

I ultimately agree that this is a much better place to be in than trying to publish irrational but "unbiased" news, however.

They're opinionated but they're clear and upfront on what their opinions are.

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