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Add MSNBC to your Fox habit and you should be fine. MSBNC is left-leaning. NPR does a lot of international reporting and stories regarding the arts, which I think is why they sometimes get unfairly labeled as left-leaning. If you take a look at a typical NPR story, they have time to go into enough depth to give reasonably equal time to different sides of an issue or debate. I was listening to Talk of the Nation recently and a conservative PA rep who is pro-Arizona immigration reform was given a lot of time to speak uninterrupted. Had that person been on MSNBC he would have been cut off quickly and questioned.

I agree there's no one source for unbiased news -- you have to read/listen to a lot of sources and examine critically.

I think it's a real mistake to throw MSNBC into anything other than the "right-wing" column. Yes, they have Olbermann and Maddow, which are both good, fact-based shows with obvious and upfront ideological viewpoints, but that's overwhelmed by people like Scarborough, Buchannan, Matthews, etc. The presence of Olbermann and Maddow on MSNBC speaks mainly to that they do not want to appear to be as rightward-leaning as they actually are, and to the fact that fact-based programming, regardless of bent, enjoys a real lucrative niche.

BTW, I think people have forgotten what a "liberal" looks like if Olbermann is held up as the extreme of the left wing. Remember, America is in the middle of recovering from one of the most severe ideological swings in recent memory, and so things that previously were center or even slightly right-wing are now seen as being extremely liberal. For instance, Obama's health plan is extremely similar to that proposed by the Republicans in the mid 1990s. Point being, bias can be seen relative to the zeitgeist, from which view MSNBC etc can be seen to attempt to steer conversation rightwards by making issues such as "deficit reduction" more discussed than issues such as "unemployment." Olbermann and Maddow spend much of their time defending their own views, and rarely set the tone of the conversation.

I think in general, Americans have completely forgotten the distinction between liberal and leftist.

It also bears mentioning that the status quo before Obama's health care plan was, for the most part, proposed and enacted by leftist Democrats over the past several decades, and the maintenance of those systems has been seen as right-wing or centrist when their creation in the first place came from the left. The few actual right-wing reforms to health care (such as the HSA) are in fact weakened by Obama's reforms.

Actually I would throw both Fox and MSNBC into the entertainment column. Liberal used to describe a set of values, but now is mostly an epithet.

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