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BCH is a hastily written hack job by a third rate team (I talked to some of them on twitter, they really don't understand a lot of what they are doing)... with a drastic difficulty retargeting algorithm. A bit of a pump combined with hash power manipulations lead to this.

This is all show to try and prop up the coin. Both the pump and the "profitability" of mining it.

%98 of the blocks of this coin are mined by an unknown entity-- in other words, it's not decentralized. It's trivial for that entity to manipulate the difficulty retargeting mechanism in his favor.

Stay away. This is not "bitcoin" in any sense.

This is all true, but none of it has ever affected interest in a cryptocurrency.

BTW, not even the one actual use case for bitcoin is interested in bcash: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/6s30ss/have...

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