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Templates have always been nice for basic examples. But now what happens if you only want to show odd numbers in listItem? It's not obviously clear how to do that in this example. Then you start adding in filters or Angular pipes. And the syntax grows in complexity until it becomes unwieldy. If you know the basic rules of JS, you already know how to achieve this with JSX. There's no need to go read the docs.

Haven't used VueJS but the obvious thing to me would be to do your data transformations before hitting the view code - separating view code from business logic.

So is this really a problem?

You don't always want to transform data, sometimes this is merely a UI concern...as in filtering, sorting, etc.

Yeah, so filter and sort it before you hit the view (and by this I mean the markup jsx or whatever) code, and problem solved ;)

Classic MVVM pattern

Then you're back at OPs original complaint which was that loops take you away from the markup you're currently writing.

Sorry, I shouldnt have said 'business logic' here. I really mean separating presentation and presentation data.

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