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In my experience, the folks that feel the strongest against JSX lean anti-JavaScript in general. JSX is Turing-complete. There are no gotchas, you can't paint yourself into a corner, you can set breakpoints in your map statements, it's more testable...Lots of benefits and a big step up over string-based templating languages stuffed into HTML.

And how in the world is that a good thing? I'm really starting to wonder if people that exalt JSX with his mix of logic and presentation have ever worked on complex systems where the lack of separation between the two layers brings you quickly to an unmaintainable mess.

JSX & React were literally built to solve Facebook's maintainability concerns, which is one of the most complex client side web apps I can think of. JSX was a hard sell at first 4 years ago, but Pete Hunt did a great job then, explaining how the false separation of concerns between HTML and JS really is unavoidable. You end up with logic in HTML tightly coupled to your JS no matter which way you shake it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgVS-zXgMTk

And HTML string template languages have been shown to have numerous shortcomings at scale.

Separation of concerns != splitting logic from presentation.

SoC comes from MV* architectural patterns. In real world front end applications, people who separate based on the file extension often end up creating JS files that breach SoC - they are both handling view rendering as well as application logic inside a JS file.

If there is something that should be conditionally rendered, using JSX is no different to a template language - only thing is the variable you're using to do that isn't actually in that file either (so, over-separation of concerns?). Both of these are logic - one handles it inline and the other handles it across multiple files.

No one is advocating that JSX should break SoC (a component should never talk to an API, or implement business logic - it should be responsible for given a set of inputs, it will render the same output time and time again).

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