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Show HN: DIY Intercom Replacement for React Apps (github.com/kingofthestack)
23 points by dharness on Aug 19, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

There should be an Intercom alternative that kept a single chat per customer, and that chat could continue through email etc.

The current Intercom is so bizarre that for some sites I'm just visiting it pops up a new chat every time I go to the landing page. Then, even if I never answer that automatic message, the next time I go there there it is again, but a new chat is created nonetheless.

Thank you. This is awesome, very useful self-contained component. It's amazing it wasn't done before.

I hope I'll use this soon.

I'm curious how many people use Intercom just for the chat function. When I've used it, it has primarily been for the customer lifecycle management portion of the product. That is, the ability to send user level data into Intercom and then trigger action driven emails out to users based on a variety of rules.

True. Chat has been around for a decade or more. Intercom didnt innovate on that at all. they just made customer management and communication easier.

Neat maybe can modify this to avoid blocking certain UI elements. The biggest issue IMO of intercom.io is how it can block critical parts of the UI when expanded.

Oooh, you should make this into a cheaper version of intercom. It's way too pricey for me and all the other alternatives are ugly

Funny you say that, that's how this project started! I've got the work in progress here https://github.com/kingofthestack/slackchat

If you are you using it for your personal project. I can offer you a free plan on https://www.getchannel.co/

disclaimer: I am the maker.

I wish there was an API compatible intercom clone on GitHub. It would be quite popular I think.

Don't think it. You are wrong.

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