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I'm guessing the habit of strafing into a room after playing Doom a bit too much is of the same nature :)

While driving home after a marathon LAN session of DESCENT, I was cut off in traffic. My first instinct was to bank smart missiles of the nearby burger king. My hand even grasped toward the turn signal controls to fire.

I guess that's where my mind decided the smart missile controls would be.

I remember it very clearly, as I've always been slightly unnerved that not only was it a reflex thought, but that I'd actually moved to act on it.

Grand Theft Auto has created a similar experience for me. Every once in a while, I will legitimately feel the instinct to force my vehicle in between other cars or knock them out of the way. After a split second I realize that it's insane, but the feeling is still deeply ingrained in my perception of traffic negotiation.

I have no idea why you got down-voted for this. I've had this after marathon GTA sessions. I imagine it's disturbingly common. The desire fades after a while. I think you're post is in keeping with the theme of the discussion.

All in all, maybe marathon or prolonged gaming sessions aren't the healthiest thing in the world, mentally and physically. Say all you want about hand-eye coordination and I'm no Gaming or Net Nanny or anything but ...

Same here. After playing Nascar 2006 for hours on end one day, I went for a drive and realized I was staying as close to the inside of curves as possible.

I probably got to Target 20 seconds faster that day, but I cut out playing Nascar for extended periods after that.

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