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> Docker Swarm secrets have been GA for longer thank k8s

I don't think that's true. Kube secrets were introduced 2015-02-17 and was considered GA in Kubernetes v1.0

> I think the pluggability of critical pieces like ingress and secrets was taken too far.

I think the pluggability is not the concern but the lack of an included solution. Part of the problem is that SOME platforms have an included solution - e.g. Google Cloud, and some need 3rd party code like nginx.

> I dont think that is true, it does manage its overlay networks pretty well

Overlays are a waste for most people. I get that making it simple is attractive, but it's (IMO) not something everyone wants or needs. Again, we could/should have had a built-in option.

Last I looked (admittedly a while ago) Swarm had a pretty deeply rooted notion of exposing ports on all nodes in the swarm, which means that if you have multiple containers that need to expose the same port, it was a problem. Kube takes extra complexity here, to make it possible to share arbitrarily.

Anyway, it's not my intent to bad-mouth Swarm or try to convince you that you're wrong. Different trade-offs were chosen for the two systems. Your feedback is noted and appreciated. :)

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