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Top Blogs about Startups and Entrepreneurship (pathikshah.com)
34 points by pathik on July 10, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Several of these blogs are written by venture capitalists and most of the rest focus on the high-risk-high-reward type of businesses that accompany VC. I recognize that HN tends to be focused on this type of company, but I would love to see an aggregation of blogs that talked about more mundane, lower risk businesses (which constitute the majority of entrepreneurship). In fact, I would love a discussion forum regarding that topic as well.

Here's a good list: http://empoweryou.com/zen_area_res_3.shtml

also check out all the other resources there.. especially the list on networking.

http://thisweekin.com/thisweekin-startups/ with Jason Calacanis.

I feel so evil for enjoying it.

I hate to love J Cal, the guy is just entertaining. The guests are mostly high profile. I also like TWIVC.

I think Gabriel Weinberg has the best practical blog for startups www.gabrielweinberg.com/.

Ben’s Blog (Ben Horowitz) has recently been better than Mark Andreesen’s blog which is sparsely updated. The last few pmarca posts actually just link to Ben’s Blog.

I feel like I am just seeing a re-hash of some of the most commonly linked domains here.

I've compiled a list of the best blogs about startups and entrepreneurship that I've come across.

Please comment and point me to any blogs I may have missed.

Hey Pathik, nice work there. If you don't mind, I've just added those blogs here: http://www.gmbhnews.com/categories/Entrepreneurship.html , you can keep in touch with their latest news on the go (andriod, iOS, Tablet, mobile phone, BB...etc) or on your desktop with a webkit browser for a better rendering, I will start a new thread to invite startups owner to add their blogs, if you have any additional suggestion for the Entrepreneurship category, please to submit it here: http://www.gmbhnews.com/addsite or just point me to any blogs I may have missed.

could someone explan why the downvotes?

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