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[flagged] 5 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build Guide (github.com)
21 points by justinzollars on Aug 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Quite funny the whole thing is about 5 GPU's and the image on the repo shows 6.

There are too many good guides on the internet already, this one doesn't even come close providing all needed info. But I see the author has put his ether account address in the build string, that might be the main reason for this post.

Btw, don't go mining on linux with nvidia, it's really bad advice as overclocking all cards can take days to get it working if ever! Just use Windows for nvidia, it's a breeze to setup and you'll get overclocking for all cards out of the box.

Mind to share those good guides?

ya the photo sucks because this is a fork of a much worse guide I used based on 6 GPU and not nearly enough power. This guide is as complete as I could make it - follow the steps and the drivers will install fine.

I'm also curious to see your windows guides.

It's probably more profitable to just buy 1 gpu, and play games with.

How do people even buy on this "mining money" thing? For me, it's just like thousands of people burning tons of electricity for nothing, which they could direct to really useful calculations in astronomy or physics for example.

You will top out at generating $900 from this rig: http://www.mycryptobuddy.com/EthereumMiningCalculator/path?h...

Don't use the CyrptoCompare profitability calculator for anything other than 1 month projections. It doesn't take into account increasing difficulty. The MyCryptoBuddy calculator I linked to does.

I am completely new to ETH. Is this profitable?

Yes, the hardware manufacturers will certainly profit from you.

So how much ETH would this generate today?

You also need to estimate how much it will generate next month, and the next, and so on, as the difficulty levels increase (as more miners join the chase). Will you earn your costs back before your mining rig becomes unprofitable?

Roughly 1 per month

I googled some of the hardware mentioned in this guide and it seems like it would cost several thousand dollars, at least, to buy it all (I could be totally wrong, I'm not much of a hardware guy). At the current price of Ethereum, you're not going to break even for six months, which doesn't strike me as a fantastic get-rich-quick scheme. I would be delighted to be proven wrong by someone more knowledgeable, though!

Plus with difficulty increases you will soon be earning less than 1 ETH per month so break even will get further and further away. As with most cryptocurrencies that are actually worth having you are better spending the money you would spend on mining equipment actually buying ETH.

This is great if you happen to have 5 x GPU's lying around to put to use and cheap electricity to run it.

Or if you want to have a 5 GPU system as a way to offset some of the costs before using it for it's real purpose..

what's a good guide for AMD GPUs R280

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