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Tectonic is Enterprise Kubernetes. We start with pure upstream Kubernetes at the core and install it in a production ready setup with the Tectonic Installer[1] across clouds or bare metal. On top of those basics Tectonic provides things most organizations need:

- Authentication backed by LDAP/SAML/etc

- One-click automated updates of the entire cluster

- Pre-configured cluster monitoring/alerting

There is a bunch more in there and in the roadmap too but that gives you a taste.

The other thing is that we provide professional services, training, and support to customers on the whole stack from the VM or machine on up to the Kubernetes API. We have done neat collaborations with customers like the ALB Ingress Controller[2] too.

[1] https://github.com/coreos/tectonic-installer [2] https://github.com/coreos/alb-ingress-controller

I'm currently deploying Tectonic flavoured Kubernetes at a large organisation and I can vouch for how great you guys are at supporting users (who are not yet customers) at any stage of the process - love that, and can't recommend you guys for that more. However, as the comment above says, Tectonic (and Quay for that matter) documentation is... just horrible and if not the engineers support, I'd be pretty much stuck on quite few things. Why don't you push your docs to a public repo, so I could do some writing and send some PR's? ;)

Happy to report that the Tectonic docs are open source and we would love to review your PRs: https://github.com/coreos/tectonic-installer/tree/master/Doc...

Any topics that stick out as needing the most attention? Glad you're enjoying your interaction with our engineers :)

(Product manager for Tectonic)

The bare-metal scaling documentation needs to be scrapped and rewritten from scratch. With very limited knowledge about terraform, it's faster to start over with nothing than trying to get terraform (apparently you need the installer bundled one) to work with your assets.zip (which is not even mentioned in the installation documentation).

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