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Love to see more Kubernetes success stories.

I work for an ISP and we are trying to write another success story ;) As an ISP, we have tons of constraints in terms of infrastructure. We're not allowed to use any public cloud services. At the same time, the in-house infrastructure is either too limited, or managed via spreadsheets by a bunch of dysfunctional teams.

For my team, Kubernetes has been truly a life saver when it comes to deploying applications. We're still working on making our cluster production-ready, but we're getting there very fast. Some people are already queuing up to get to deploy their applications on Kubernetes :D

What I especially love about Kubernetes is how solid the different concepts are and how they make you think differently about (distributed) systems.

It sure takes a lot of time to truly grasp it, and even more so to be confident managing and deploying it as Ops / SRE. But once you get it, it starts to feel like second nature.

Plus the benefits, in almost any possible way, are huge.

Red Hat's OpenShift makes it a lot easier by providing all of the infrastructure around it (docker registry, docker build from Git, Ansible integration and so on).

Best docs of all open source projects I've seen.

I second this. Have been PoCing OpenShift for a couple of months now and it's been a joy to use.

3rd for sure. We're a RH partner and specialize in OpenShift work. Tons of excitement with customers on using OpenShift. I love it.

Thanks! Hearing this makes it all worthwhile. We love helping make Kube awesome.

From the ops side, I would also suggest to take a look at Mesos, DC/OS and Marathon. Kubernetes, like Docker, is more developer-friendly; DC/OS is more ops-friendly. DC/OS can use Kubernetes natively.

>DC/OS can use Kubernetes natively.

Although this is possible. I've never actually heard of anyone using this in production. Would be curious to know what kind of issues ppl run into with this in production.

No way I am running ZooKeeper AND etcd.

You might have a hard time avoiding both.

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