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Seconded. The last e-mail I got from OpenShift.io indicated they haven't let anyone in. I've already practically lost interest. It was evidently only "coming soon" but that announcement really looked like "coming tomorrow."

The original OpenShift Developer Preview made you sign up, but you would be allowed into the platform within hours or days.

OpenShift.io is pre-beta but we have begun onboarding in order to get early feedback. So far ~400 people and in and we are slowly adding more as we stabilize and build out the product and underlying SaaS infrastructure.

We will be communicating our progress more openly and consistently with those on the waitlist. We really do appreciate your patience and are working hard to get people onboard.

Disclosure: I'm a PM in the Red Hat DevTools BU.

I don't mean to spout off in a public forum, don't think I don't understand how much work is involved in putting out something that we're not going to be disappointed with!

But I have been interested in OpenShift, and it is a good sign for me that so many people who obviously are involved in OpenShift are representing on this thread.

I will definitely give Openshift another look soon. We're building a group of experienced devs to help onboarding our new dev employees as they come on, and we're going to have some standard-setting capacity when it comes to showing off the tools we use.

(We are currently well behind in the K8S space imho, but getting better and I think making a more serious push for it is going to come soon. Our institution is large and like all large institutions Byzantine bureaucracy results in some extreme levels of inertia; well we haven't really dove into containers near the level I had at my last position, which was still only about token level – most core infrastructure still not containerized or even touching any containers.)

So, blank canvas!

I'm very much hoping to have an array of tools that I can share with new devs, so they can organically decide what works best for their own selves. I had kind of discounted oc based on not having used it much myself, but I do remember having some joy at reading the documentation that it was more centrally located and easier to "grok" as well as feeling more complete.

Anyway both things that will be super helpful to anyone who is new at Kubernetes or Dev stuff in general. There is just so much to learn and the ecosystem is ofc constantly evolving!

I will keep openshift origin in the toolbox and take another look at pro offering.

Thanks for introducing yourself to me!

OpenShift.io is a different product than hosted OpenShift on its own. If you were to sign up for the Pro tier at openshift.com your account would be immediately provisioned. We are working on provisioning enqueued users for our Starter tier as well but again, these are separate from OpenShift.io

Yeah, OpenShift Pro is also quite expensive... starting at $10k for 5 nodes right?

I just checked out your pricing page and I'm 100% wrong about this. You have a $50/mo tier now! That's fantastic, thanks for pointing me at that.

You should definitely spam everyone on the OpenShift.io waiting list and let us know about your new pricing /s

No seriously, I would have liked to get some spam about this. Maybe you sent it and I missed it. I am a lot more interested at $50/mo than I would have been at $10k/yr!

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