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> no one should purchase or use any processor made by Intel or AMD until they address these serious issues.

so go back to stone age by stop using all PCs/Servers? nice troll.

Have a look at https://minifree.org/ and a few Chromebooks (obviously with the operating system replaced). There are some options, but yeah it's a big problem that the microprocessor market has been locked up by two monopolies.

But I guess people have to make a personal judgement. Is ethics, privacy, freedom more important than a faster processor to run your games on?

Sure, because we only use computers to play games on...

In addition to MiniFree, there's the Talos II[1] which is an entirely free motherboard and CPU (based on IBM's POWER9). It's a very modern CPU specification, and is also fairly powerful. Currently pre-orders are open. They are a bit pricey (~$2k for a fully prebuilt machine), but if you feel that you want a more powerful CPU that is an option. They also have server offerings.

[1]: https://www.raptorcs.com/content/base/products.html

Back in the days when a new computer became hopelessly obsolete within 3 years, I would never have considered spending that much. But perhaps now I might :)

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