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You know the depth of how unrealistic is your advice, right?

Do you know the depths of not taking that advice and what lurks in them? Do you know that if everybody simply took it to heart, there'd be nothing unrealistic about it at all? How many months of abstinence and solidarity would be required to end these practices, or the companies if they so wish? And then that money simply shifts to ethical companies and we actually have a future. Or, we keep pretending it's all so very hard, and don't have one.

You are asking for the whole of humanity to stop buying some of the most sought after products of modern times from two of the best-selling makers of that industry.

I am all in for some philosophical discussion but actually being this detached from reality doesn't make you any good. It's not because you can see the stars that you can reach for them right now...

So yes, in summary: it is hard, to the point of impossibility.

Pfff. It's the strike breakers that make it hard.

Keep that up for a while longer, and it will become a physical impossibility, as any gesture of resistance leads to automatic extermination. Until then? Thanks for nothing.

> Do you know the depths of not taking that advice and what lurks in them?

Pretty much everyone can imagine computers being insecure and unreliable, since computers are currently insecure and unreliable.

Not to mention that they'd wouldn't be secure and reliable just from removing Intel ME

Who's talking about unreliability? I'm talking about perfectly reliable tools of oppression.

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