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>I used to believe that, until I started to get into cryptocoin mining.

99% of the apps we use are totally unlike cryptocoin mining. And the style they are written (and more importantly, their function) is even more GPU resistant.

>The tooling isn't good enough yet, but there is no question in my mind practically everything will run on a GPU like processor in the future. The speedups are just too tremendous.

Don't hold your breath. For one, nobody's porting the thousands of apps we already have and depend on everyday to GPU.

While true in the short term, it should be noted Intel is moving more towards the GPU model with its many slower core CPUs and very wide vector units. There is value in a large core capable of fast out of order execution for control purposes. But data processing can be done much faster with a GPU model.

You can even implement explicit speculative execution - simply use a warp for each path and choose at the end. It is very wasteful but can often come out ahead.

No, Intel's approach is very different from GPUs, because Intel has a strong negative interest in making porting to GPUs easy (also, wide vectors are far easier to do in a CPU than a "GPU like model").

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