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Shameless plug:

ImageTracer is a simple raster image tracer and vectorizer that outputs SVG, 100% free, Public Domain.

Available in JavaScript (works both in the browser and with Node.js), "desktop" Java and "Android" Java:




Wow, this is cool. It looks like an API capable of things that Vector Magic[1] can do, but FOSS. Vector Magic has been excellent for some occasions where you have a rasterized clipart, but need it as a vector.


Inkscape does have such a feature too. While importing a bitmap image, you can specifically "convert" it to vector graphic. Works fairly well.

I love and use Inkscape exclusively for any SVG editing, but this particular feature in Inkscape is woefully under anything I've seen vector magic provides.

The trick is to make sure the raster image is as clean as possible. But yeah I agree, this is not its best feature.

I love using Inkscape too. Never realized it has such a feature. Couldn't help trying it out.

> Inkscape does have such a feature too.

Inkscape calls Potrace, but you can you use Potrace directly from the command line, too.


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