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Anyone else get redirected to malware?

This has happened to me multiple times.

I've reported it to them a couple of times, last time Ryan Smith told me on twitter that I'm welcome to report it to him direct: https://twitter.com/ryansmithat/status/877409854087806976

Yes! I thought it was my DNS or something. It only happens on mobile.

Anandtech have great content, but their advertising can be... aggressive.

I assume you have an adblocker on desktop but not on mobile?

They have fallen a long way since Adnan ran the site...

Adnan is the guy who may or may not have killed his girlfriend in the 90's. You are thinking Anand. As in AnandTech. And even without Mr. Shimpi AnandTech is still one of the best sources for in-depth reviews of hardware.

They have fallen behind in CPU and GPU testing methodology especially around games. Their testing of databases was pretty awful (it fit in memory) and a variety of other obvious limitations to their testing I would argue they are not only worse than they were when Anand ran the show but now significantly worse than a lot of the places they compete with.

Pcper is a significantly more capable review site these days.

I didn't realize he wasn't still running things. When did that happen?

I hope he made some good money.

You are right about the name, I blame autocorrect.

I think especially their phone and tablet reviews have gone down a lot. Fx no deep dive into the newer iPhones and iPads.

This is a reference to the Serial podcast, for anyone wondering. Recommended (both seasons).

And people get mad on here when I say that I use an adblocker. Until the ad industry gets its shit together, I will continue to do so, as not blocking ads is negligent from a security perspective. This is a terrible state of affairs.

>And people get mad on here when I say that I use an adblocker.

Really? Can you link an example?

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