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Inkscape is OK, but a little rough. Take a look at Affinity Designer. It is very polished and has a feature set approaching Adobe illustrator at a very reasonable price. It's also well supported by the publisher.

I've been using both recently. Affinity Designer has a much, much better interface but I keep finding features and options missing that make it frustrating for coding projects. You can't easily open an SVG file, edit it and quickly save to the same SVG file without going through several clicks and setting options to export ("save" will save in a proprietary format). There isn't a command line interface for exporting either. I can't see a way to edit the SVG XML either (you can do that in Inkscape) which is important when you're wanting to script it later.

For previous projects, I've had workflows where images were extracted from one place, added into existing SVG files and Inkscape was scripted to slice up and export sections into PNG files. I can't see a way to do anything similar with Affinity Designer.

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