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The Osborne effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_effect

Although it has been deliberately deployed many times now, as you note one example of.

seems like Intel is willing to cannibalize Skylake-X to hurt Threadripper. I think that means Threadripper must be looming large at Intel.

Honestly The revision-x's are forgettable to begin with, unless you need that many cores (No ECC either).

And people keep falling for it


Never compare an existing product to one that is not yet being sold. Never

Itanium was such a strange ... event. A complete outlier, it is even from today's perspective not easy to see why it happened.

Most people buying a laptop don't really care or know what generation of the CPU they have. Not convinced it hugely impacts sales

It's the bulk enterprise purchases that they're worried about, not individuals. That may include bulk purchases to build laptops, but it's probably more datacenters and high-performance computing they're worried about.

I didn't wait even though I'm excited for what Ryzen mobile chips might bring and frankly an i7-7700HQ is enough for a laptop, if I need more grunt than that I'll switch to a desktop.

Nice, I never knew what it was called. Thanks!

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