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Inkscape is what I always use for editing static SVGs. Not using it enough to become familiar with it myself, the interface is usually intuitive enough for me to guess my way to success.

My biggest gripe with inkscape is that it suffers from some sort of floating point precision error, when you do certain copy/paste/transformation operations it mercilessly outputs more digits of significance than are necessary, which bloats the text and peeves off someone who must obsessively keep their ml clean

And also the output png is sometimes unpredictable. I hate it when what's supposed to be flat-coloured in svg turns out to be this 'pixelated-swirl' in png. I also find minimising operations can reduce this effect.

I would guess it's just outputting the 16 or so (decimal) digits of a IEEE float using one of the round-tripable representations. Not sure what else would be reasonable. Could you round the output with some specialized tool?

Also what does "ml" mean?

Markup Language, I'd guess.

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