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It has been almost 12 years, and we still don't have working word wrap with svg

We have it specified by now at least with SVG 2, but browser vendors have made it clear that they don want to support it at all, presumably because SVG 1.1 works well enough as a vector image format and more complexity and features could just be added by scripting. It felt a lot like browser vendors don't care about SVG at all beyond the extent that it's implemented at the moment.

They also tend to break non-static SVG things all the time which further suggests that things like applications or animations built with SVG are definitely not a use case they cater for (or that those things are simply very rare on the top 500 sites they test).

You can embed HTML within SVG via SVG's foreignObject, and use HTML/CSS text flow layout within embedded HTML. But it works only on rectangular shapes, and not on IE.

You can also just absolutely position an HTML element on top of the SVG.

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