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Show HN: All available Emoji domains in one place (xn--f28h.to)
22 points by marckohlbrugge on Aug 15, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I recently discovered .to domains allow for emoji like .ws and a few other ccTLDs.

While they have some (technical) downsides I figured they'd be interesting to experiment with so I was curious if any good ones were still available. Manually checking them one-by-one was kinda cumbersome, so I wrote a simple script to check availability for each possible single-emoji .to domain.

Turns out many were still available (about 70% at the time). I registered a few and decided to publicise the list. That was my weekend project ~2 weeks ago. Today I finally launched it.

I wrote more about the timeline and how I built it here: https://medium.com/@marckohlbrugge/get-your-own-emoji-domain...

Disclosure: I worked out an affiliate deal with my registrar so I get a 10% commission for each registration. Of course you're free to use your own registrar of choice.

Love it. Thanks for writing up your story.

You're welcome :)

maybe a tooltip to tell you what the name of the unicode codepoint is when mousing over the emoji?

Ah yes, some more information on each emoji might have been useful. If I choose to continue development on the site I'll consider that.

Totally cool man, nice!


Hey, very cool! I like the site's presentation.

I bought 🇸🇾 and 🇨🇿. Romania was taken already, sadly.

Yeah the domains went quick after launch. 🇸🇾 and 🇨🇿 are nice though!

Domain name is the interface to a website, typing in emojis is bad UX. Not to mention sharing URLs, and how different user agents will handle them.

IMO, It's a safe bet against emoji domains taking off.

There are definitely both pros and cons.

I personally wouldn't use them for a website where users would have to repeatedly enter the URL. They work better for advertising campaign as a redirecting link (e.g. on a billboard), or in situation where the URLs tend to be clicked instead of written.

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