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Are you kidding!?! Very few American workers are farm laborers or farmers. The entire agribusiness sector employs less than 2% of the US work force, which is quite a precipitous drop from the 40% of so it employed a century ago. Workers did not leave the farms because they were pushed out or because the government manipulated the farm labor market, they left because the work is hard and the pay has always been low.

The decline in the percentage of Americans who work in agriculture is due to advances in farming technology, not due to low pay. Now one person with a giant combine that didn't exist 100 years ago can do the work of tens or hundreds of people.

Depends on what you're farming - technology certainly has an impact with crops like wheat and potatoes - grapes, lettuce, melons, citrus, berries, etc. are a whole different story and require manual labor with technology having less impact.

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