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I agree. And to provide an anecdote, I grew up in Central CA where my father is real estate broker who specializes in farm land. When I was 12, I begged my Dad to get me a summer job and asked if one of his farmer friends could help me out.

My father gladly obliged and got me a job in the fields, cutting grapes and placing them on 'raisin paper' (I was to receive .10/raisin paper). Toughest, hardest job of my life - I barely survived and at lunch time, decided to call it a day and spent rest of the afternoon under the shade of an almond grove across the road. All the while, the real farm workers were busting their ass in 100+ degree weather and taking a quick 20min lunch and sporadic water breaks. At that time there was no break/lunch/water mandate similar to what we have nowadays.

Nothing but respect for those folks after that.

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