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I recent the comment. Mexico is not a failed state. Sure, we have many problems. We have a democracy; it is imperfect but still a democracy, we have a GDP per capita of $14,495 which is typical of a country with our level of development.

What we have is a very violent war between rival gangs. We have some of those gangs challenging the state. It is a very serious situation, but it is not that of a failed state. We are still working, traveling and going to school. If you run a red light, you will get fined. All of the government structures are working. Do not minimize the problem, it is very serious, and we are suffering. Yet don't make it seem as it everything is in chaos.

I just googled this index of failed states. I have not knowledge of the political bias of the publisher. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/06/21/2010_failed...

"Failed state" in the past tense may be harsh, but "failing state" seems appropriate.

I'm finding it hard to distinguish Mexico 2010 from Iraq 2003. Gun battles in broad daylight, murdered political candidates, rampant corruption, beheadings...

It's nothing like that. Even the corruption isn't so bad and seems to be improving.

Quite true. And people often refer to Mexico as a poor country. False. The average Mexican is better off than the large majority of the world, with a per capita GNP of over $7,000.

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