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If this piece interests you, you should read the "subtle art of not giving a f*ck." Its a nice down to earth book about dealing with negative emotions and high expectations.


Eh, you can skip that (it's not a bad book) and go directly read the Stoics.

Does the work of the stoics make you laugh and speed your eyes over their witty pages and puns? I also liked "a guide to the good life" [0], but the Subtle art is a much easier and lighter read.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Good-Life-Ancient-Stoic/dp/1522...

Thanks for your downvote; it substantially aids your argument.

As I've said, the book does re-package some millennia old ideas and adds couple of hundreds usages of the f*ck world -- because it's of highest priority to be witty for some, apparently. Hell, CBT essentially does the same -- but it doesn't feels witty as it should be, right? Witty is of utmost importance after all.

> Thanks for your downvote; it substantially aids your argument.

How do you know who downvoted you?

Occam's razor.

Haha, Occam failed you this time ;)

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