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Perhaps to a certain degree, but people with imbalanced brain chemistries who are affected by bipolar disorder, personality disorders etc. cannot simply 'think' bad moods away. It's unfortunately more complicated than that.

It's simple, if you want to fly, just fall and miss the ground.

Simple doesn't mean easy.

I used to suffer from severe clinical depression and ultimately the only thing that's helped was to learn how to control my thoughts. It still rears its head when I'm tired, hungry, or drunk enough so I don't have the energy to control my thoughts. Hell, sometimes I just relax too much and forget to and it comes rushing back.

But on the bright side, the need for constant productive output has really helped both my career and my physique. Pros and cons I guess.

Ultimately I find this much more desirable than the antidepressants that just made me numb to everything.

I don't see the parent calling it simple. Thought control isn't simple and is part of strategies like CBT which seem fairly effective in treating people with imbalanced brain chemistries, which is going to be all the people who care about this stuff anyway.

The book addresses your points.

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