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[flagged] COVFEFE Act (wikipedia.org)
113 points by vivaamerica1 on Aug 14, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 29 comments

You know he must've been giggling as he came up with this.

In addition to the uncharacteristic legislative humor, it's also a good idea.

Acronyms for bills are like the one place where the legislature does inject some humor. Despite my distaste for our government, I gotta hand it to them, they're pretty darn good at coming up with funny acronyms.

What are some good examples of other places this humor can be found?

PATRIOT act, because taking away hard fought freedoms is patriotic, just like our forefathers wanted.

You mean USA PATRIOT Act.

Yes, I forgot about the Uniting and Strengthening of America's freedoms part. ;)

GIF Act of 2015 - Global Internet Freedom Act of 2015. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.)

Many more available here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/08/03/36...

Reminds me of the MAR-A-LAGO bill.

Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act


Yeah, this is why scrapers and archiving tools and websites have actually been important political tools lately.

Just to put my mind at rest..."Despite the constant negative press covfefe."...we all agree Trump meant 'coverage' right?

I am in agreement that it was intending to be "coverage", but that the follow-up response is what makes it worth discussing. If he had admitted to making a typo, then it would have been a complete non-issue. It was Trump's failed attempts at putting a deeper meaning behind a typo, in order to avoid admitting to the slightest mistake, that made it noteworthy.

Or you know, he was making fun of his typo, which would be the charitable interpretation. But we can't possibly be charitable to a monster like Trump!

>Off camera, at a press briefing later the same day, Sean Spicer responded to questions about the tweet that "the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant." No further explanation was given during the briefing. Some reporters, observing that Spicer did not appear to be joking, were concerned by the implications.

Yeah, I mean I really don't like Trump, but it's hard to believe this follow-up is anything but a joke, unless there were some more tweets I didn't see.


It's hard to imagine what else he meant. The assumption is that he got interrupted mid-typing and accidentally sent it.

I think it was "coverage" but he fell asleep tweeting, it posted and then he slept without realising what had happened.

I frequently fall asleep while browsing on my phone and wake up having clicked ads, articles I had no interest in, silly contextual links, etc.

This is even better if you imagine it as him passing out and dropping the phone on his face, bouncing off his nose to get the 'fefe' and landing on his cheek to press send.

Yes. I found it strange and frustrating that most of the coverage of the tweet declined to point out this simplest possible explanation, instead helping render the non-story more distracting and inscrutable by not making this simple deductive leap.

There have been tweets/vids about it meaning "[I'm] still standing" or some such in Arabic --- my curiousity in the matter was too tiny to verify for myself =)

That makes more sense than "kerfuffle" (I feel dumb now).

I shall henceforth read "covfefe" as "kerfuffle". Thank you, dear sir.

This is a real issue. It is very depressing to find out that only thing I have ever done is two pieces of paper in 1970s. National Archives (of Finland) do not recognize any other form of publications than those on paper. In this case very shitty paper "printed" about 10 times with a Xerox-machine.

Fuuny story behind covfefe:

I tried purchasing minutes after the tweet to find out someone had already purchased it. I reached out to the guy (midnight) to buy it but he didn't want to sell it. I offered my ideas on what he could to capitalize on the opportunity and so I ended up building up a store front with shirts/, coffee mugs, sweaters and other merch. I basically didn't sleep that night. I built the site, responded to purchase emails, etc.

It took some time to get the storefront ready because of issues with the forwarding (GoDaddy) but when we got it set up, we started seeing traffic. Not before long, sales. This thing started blowing up and as memes would start trending, I would immediately create new merchandise based on the memes and within minutes that same merchandise I had just created would sell. It was surreal.

We were up to ~$2k in profits with who knows how much revenue. Many emails started arriving and the owner would just forward them to me as (I think) he was not as savvy with business/negotiation/etc or just plain intimidated. It got so crazy that at one point Bloomberg and Inc.com reached out via phone to him and he told them about what we had done.

I kept pushing for him to put up the domain for sale on flippa.com and even got the director of the domains department to contact him directly. I also reached out to local newspaper outlets who were more than ready to write the story but since we weren't "partners", it wasn't "as" interesting. He promised to give me a stake in everything but I guess things and people got to his head.

As time went on, he starting drifting from the idea of selling because he thought he had hit something enormous. Which he did, just not the way he thought. He pitched me the idea to build an ecommerce store where he would basically sell anything (Amazon). I told him the only exit here is selling but if he wanted to go that route, he could (try) to build a brand (???). I insisted that the risk of continuing with anything other than selling the domain at peak hype was too great. That is, anything past hype days (1-4 days after the tweet) would drive the "value" to zero.

The days past and the opportunity quickly came to a close. He was offered (past hype time) $15k which he said he wouldn't take as anything below $X00k was dumb. Regardless, I kept pushing for him to sell the damn thing just so I could tell the story at the very least. He then told me he had partnered up with his brother (a lawyer), another marketing guy and he wanted me to take part in the team. He had me speak to his lawyer about equity for a whole 30 minutes which, again, I thought was ridiculous as I told him that this would soon die, if it hadn't already. We spoke over Facetime but soon enough, he kicked me off the storefront admin, stopped answering and now he still has the same domain forwarding to his merch store.

I think if he had acted quicker, he could have sold for at least $20k-$50k at the peak of the hype. Even if he sold at the solid $15k offer, he could have earned himself a great story.


>He pitched me the idea to build an ecommerce store where he would basically sell anything (Amazon).

Great story. That is the mind boggling part. Who knows, maybe we'll be complaining about the sweltering warehouse conditions of covfefe.com, king of online retail. :)

Think it's too late to exploit Dan Quayle's "potatoe.com"?


I think you may be underestimating the value of the domain name.

I understand there might be a crazy upside somewhere in the future (for example, the COVFEFE ACT). This can be done only in hindsight. The risk, imo, was way too high to do anything but cash out at the moment.

My point is that with the proper sort of marketing, you should be able to sell a LOT of merchandise to Trump haters out there.

Imagine being in year 3 of Trump's presidency and still making money off this signature blunder. We aren't even through year 1!

Imagine 20 years from now, when people are able to pin-point "COVFEFE" as a signature moment in Trump's campaign (just like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky).

Imagine the search traffic for the term over the years. Imagine all of the ad revenue!

Imagine how much you would be kicking yourself for selling it for so cheaply back then...

The flip side of that coin is that no one remembers that moment. Only time can tell. I think it's a matter of placing your bets where you think it is most probable that you will win the most. I personally don't believe that the statements yoh made will be true. The owner thinks otherwise.

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