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I often see people on street corners clearly standing there to get day-worker jobs. If you rent a U-Haul truck, they'll be there, eager to work and get paid.

I always thought this could use a bit of high tech. It should probably involve a web site to request workers and an SMS solution for people out and about. It should also have some sort of vetting and recommendation system to replace the quick size up that happens in person.

At the very least, why not have a day laborer office where people can sit in a chair instead of on a street corner. It could also double as a financial or immigration advisory role. That would be a great non-profit to make.

I used to work at a school for the kids of migrant laborers. The dads don't really trust anything that looks like "the system." Going into an office - that is how you're going to get into trouble with the INS.

However, keep in mind that day-workers and agricultural laborers aren't necessarily illegal. Where I was working, most of the people working in agricultural labor were migrant workers, but were also actually legal U.S. citizens from border towns in Texas.

Such offices exists here and there, sometimes to the discontent of the neighborhood. The vetting and recommendation service might unfortunately serve as a handy resource for the INS, though.

It is in the best interests of the immigrants to at least approach some form of legitimacy, and regular employment can help that. It is doubtful mass deportation would happen. Also, do those folks on street corners ever get busted? If not, would a center for them get busted?

It probably would in Arizona, but anywhere else it would just be a sensationalized Fox News headline:

'Internet hackers organize illegals to take american jobs.'

> Also, do those folks on street corners ever get busted?

Here in Phoenix, they do. Google Sherriff Joe Arpaio if you're not familiar with him.

There is at least one such office in Silicon Valley. http://www.dayworkercentermv.org/

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