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Trouble is people that need jobs like this probably will never hear about the campaign.

FWIW, I'd take a job if 1) I needed one and 2) I couldn't find anything more in my line of business within a period of time. I'm not opposed to working at a farm; I just think my skills are better used elsewhere.

Trouble is, if you actually do try taking their jobs, see what happens. Most illegal-dominated farms probably wouldn't even hire you.

I commute through a ghetto full of largely-unemployed folks who apparently have nothing to do all day. I'm sure a few years out in the sticks picking strawberries would do them a lot of good.

I think the point is that no one is going to take their jobs.

This is brutally hard work for anyone that has never tried it. It is probably more physically demanding than anything most Americans have ever done. I know it would be one of the last things I'd want to do to support myself.

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