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This is all correct, and following this advice will improve your project planning. BUT it skirts the problem that Agile makes people think they can plan a project without knowing what's a functional spec, what's an implementation plan, and what of those things is implied by a user's desires. You can't arrive at a really good plan just writing more-concise stories that don't span too many hidden requirements. It helps, but it isn't a substitute for domain knowledge and systems analysis training.

The hard part for agile projects is that you only loosely know what is the desired end result.

Specs should and will change.

That's the good part about agile. The bad part is that the idea of a "story" goes a bit too far in trying to make specification creation accessible. Decomposing stories into smaller pieces is a solution that's palatable to many because it avoids the hard work: Gaining more domain knowledge, and developing critical thinking.

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