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> But, I'm kinda baffled why anyone would volunteer to provide free labor to one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

YES! MacOS users don't need to document macOS as a volunteer project, they need to demand Apple to give them their money's worth.

And yet Apple does not contribute to homebrew at all. The one project that makes osx usable for developers.

I used OS X a few times for iOS development, never used homebrew. Am I not a developer?

Maybe you had different requirements than other developers. Or maybe you've got a lower bar for considering something "usable".

My requirements were those that any OS X and iOS developer have, which don't require UNIX CLI rather XCode tooling, and are happy to use any UNIX certified POSIX system for the occasional CLI automation of OS X and iOS development.

Now those that bought OS X as a pretty alternative to GNU/Linux and *BSD, for development that should actually be done on those systems, might miss something like homebrew.

Apparently only those are developers on HN speak.

Interesting definitions. Theirs excludes you as an OSX developer, and yours excludes them as OSX developers. How about: Your requirements weren't those of "any OS X and iOS developer", unless you apply a "no true Scotsman" argument. Similarly, a nicer CLI environment is only applicable to some styles of dev on OSX.

OS X is a certified UNIX, no need for external tooling.

Except for all the tooling that people like to use that isn't covered under Unix certification, of course. It's not like the Open Group is the ultimate arbiter of useful software on Unix-like systems.

iirc, they actually contacted Max Howell (creator of homebrew) and got his input on how to make command line tools work better for developers and homebrew specifically.

Assuming this happened and lead to anything it is still far from actually supporting it.

IIRC Max now works at Apple and is responsible for Swift's package manager.

I think he left sometime last year https://changelog.com/podcast/232 they start talking about his departure from Apple at 55 min and 26s, unless he went back recently


They did contribute to Macports which does the same.

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