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I would just like to point out that I have used numerous privacy extensions for firefox ever since I started using it. I've happily found WebExtensions replacements for all of them except for HTTPS Everywhere, which AFAIK is developing a WE replacement.

For me, the WebExtension transition isn't all doom and gloom. But I can't assume everyone uses the same addons as me. The transition to WebExtensions is nearing and a lot of extensions people use just don't have a viable replacement.

Had you used Self-Destructing Cookies and if yes - have you, by chance, found any replacement?

I only know about Cookie AutoDelete, and it's great that it exists but, sadly, it's not yet mature enough - mostly because WE APIs are lacking. For example, there is no localStorage support, and there are bugs like https://github.com/mrdokenny/Cookie-AutoDelete/issues/83

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