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I recently started using Qutebrowser[1] on OpenBSD, and it's really, really good. There's a learning curve but it's well documented, and help's easily available. If you use vi, you'll feel right at home.

[1] - https://qutebrowser.org/

Yes, we've been in contact with the dev of that project. Some of 4chan's complaints with it are as follows:

- a ton of dependencies - randomly hangs - can't handle suspending - cursor blinks when not in insert mode - doesn't work - Python not C - QT - Lacked security features

I'm not sure if all of these are true but this list was their complaints and you'd have to ask them for more detail. A lot of them do sound like they're fixable or just personal preference.

4chan has been discussing options since mid-June and probably has around 50 threads revolving around Netrunner project. And the current devs are not the same people that started the initiative, so the project has evolved quite a bit.

Netsurf, is another project that comes up quite a bit: http://www.netsurf-browser.org/ As well as various forks of the major browsers such as palemoon, icecat, unChromium, ungoogled-chromium, waterfox, opera 12.x, vivaldi, and otter.

That'd be me, most of those aren't really true, or not qutebrowser's fault ;-)

> a ton of dependencies

Only Qt and a handful of small Python libraries. Granted, Qt is big.

> randomly hangs > can't handle suspending

Detailed bugreports or it didn't happen - but that's probably due to people using it with an old QtWebKit version. The latest release warns about that, and v1.0 (coming later this year) will drop support for it entirely.

> cursor blinks when not in insert mode

True - there's an issue open about it, but nobody found a way to make it not blink without other side-effects so far.

> doesn't work > Python not C > QT


> Lacked security features

That's mostly referring to missing NoScript/uMatrix-like features, which will come with per-domain settings later this year.

How is it different then chrome+Vimium ?

qutebrowser author here ;-)

I've used Vimium for some months myself, and wasn't really happy with it. The reasons why mainly boil down to how Vimium is quite limited in what it can do. For example:

- It can't change the user interface at all - qutebrowser has a much more minimal UI.

- It can't spawn external processes. In qutebrowser, you can simply hit ctrl-e while editing some text input, to edit it in e.g. Vim. Or you can use ":bind ,v spawn mpv {url}" to add a keybinding which spawns mpv with the current page, to watch YouTube videos in a real video player.

- As soon as you are on some special page (like the Chrome extension store, or the "new tab" page), it stops working, because it can't intercept keypresses there.

- In general, qutebrowser is much more configurable and extensible. You can easily integrate it with shell or Python scripts via userscripts, and soon there'll be a Python plugin API as well.

Thanks for the explanation. Those are all awesome improvements.

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